Visual identity

Visual identity

Visual identity is the face of a company. It is a set of interconnected visual elements which are used to communicate not only with the public but also within the company itself. A strong visual identity is definitely not just a pretty logotype! It is the quality of many other visual elements, from colours through materials to the definition of a unified typographic layout that communicates your company spirit and its values.

How does it work?

Initial meeting

The first step is getting to know each other—we show you some selected projects, without obligation, to introduce you to our style of work. Creating a visual identity is a partnership for several months, whether you are a long-established company or a start-up. Most importantly, we need to know if we share a similar view of project realisation. If we are a good fit we can move on and put together a brief reflecting your ideas, needs and possibilities.


Good fences make good neighbours. Based on a mutual agreement we prepare a licensing agreement, which specifies our mutual rights and obligations, licence type, dates of providing materials and completion of the work. We introduce you to legal limitations of a permission to use the copyrighted artwork (visual identity is a copyrighted artwork in its core). You always know beforehand what, when and in what form you get from us, and, of course, how much it is going to cost you.


The most time consuming phase is the actual creation. We are not (and we do not wish to be) the fastest graphic design studio. Be glad! We do realize that space for experimentation, seeking new ways and the need of getting some distance from the work during the creative process are essential for a good result. If needed, we cooperate with our colleagues from other fields to ensure well designed final product, in all aspects. At the same time, we do seek to meet your expectations as much as possible.


The designs are presented in person. Some things might not be visible at first sight—we explain our motivations, the choice of the actual realisation, describe the typeface, show you the possible application of visual identity. Together we discuss the potential changes and further course of work.


Once final designs are approved we deliver the work in previously agreed file formats or in print (for example the graphic design manual). We can handle anything from vector PDF to web PNG, even Corel file if that is what you really need.


We do our work with love. Therefore, we would never deliver a piece of work we would not be satisfied with for 100%. However, the aim is mutual satisfaction—the biggest reward for us is a client happy about the new visual identity and its effective application. So off we go!

Design consultation

Do you need help to upgrade your visual style? Do you have troubles deciding which logotype is the right one or would you like to redisign the existing one? Besides our own visual identity designs and logotypes we offer a design consultation service. We have a look into your existing design, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and advise on how to eliminate the later ones.

Selected Works

University of Hradec Králové
University of Hradec Králové
Café Le Noble
Café Le Noble
Zdravý design
Zdravý design

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