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Gradec ♥ 20 °
Gradec is a typeface exclusively designed as part of the winning logotype and visual identity of the University of Hradec Králové design (created together with Michal Kukačka). The letter shapes directly follow the construction of the university mark—most of the visible angles in the typeface are exactly 20 degrees from the horizontal or vertical line. That is also how parentheses endings in the university mark are cut. This small but systematic detail helps build a comprehensive and unified visual identity of the University of Hradec Králové.
Gradec Light
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Gradec Black

A humble sans-serif design with a dynamic morphological principle expresses the values that are typical for the university itself—an institution serious on the one hand, but always friendly and open. With respect for lasting values, but without exaggerated traditionalism.
    In 2018, while updating the visual style of the university, Gradec was significantly revised and extended with a wide variety of weights, including true italics. The change of proportions of text and pictographic elements in the UHK logotypes also allowed for more generous horizontal proportions, thus adding more air to the typesetting and improving legibility in smaller sizes. Updated Gradec 2.0 fonts are easily recognizable thanks to the newly designed lowercase ‘a’ with more pronounced ending.

Gradec Light
Gradec Bold
Gradec styles
It’s evolution, baby
Gradec Black
Gradec Light
Gradec Black Italic
Gradec Light Italic / discretionary ligatures