Trial fonts terms and conditions

1 → Subject of license agreement


The subject of this license agreement between the author and the end user is to provide the end user with a non-exclusive right to use trial styles of the typeface produced under the Sudetype brand and embedded in the OTF, WOFF or WOFF2 file formats (hereinafter referred to as the ’trial font’), i.e. the right to use the trial font properly.


The author of the typeface, unless otherwise noted, is Dr. Jiří Toman (Slavíčkova 69/8, Liberec III-Jeřáb, Czech Republic), producing fonts under the Sudetype brand (vendor ID: Sdtp).


The authorized user of the trial font is a natural (see paragraph 2.2) or legal entity (see paragraph 2.3) person who uses the trial font to create printed, electronic and other materials based on a valid license to use the trial font (see paragraph 2.1).


By installing and/or using the trial font, the user undertakes to comply with the conditions contained in this agreement. If the user does not agree with these terms, he is not authorized to install or use the trial font.

2 → Grant of license


By providing the trial font, a time-limited, non-exclusive license to use it is provided, under the conditions set forth in this license agreement. The license applies only to styles for which a license has been granted, i.e. whose trial fonts have been provided to the user. The license is limited to trial use only (see paragraph 6.2 and paragraph 6.3).


If a trial font license is granted to a natural person, only this natural person is the authorized user of the trial font; it is expressly forbidden to transfer the license to third parties without the consent of the author.


If a trial font license is granted to a legal entity, the authorized user of the trial font is any natural person who carries out their activities on the basis of an assignment and for the benefit of the given legal entity and is in a valid employment relationship with it.

3 → Installing the trial font(s)


The user can install and use the trial font on any number of computers and other devices, provided they are operated by a person authorized to use the trial font. The user undertakes to ensure that there is no unauthorized use of the trial font on computers and devices on which he has installed thetrial font, and bears full responsibility for such unauthorized use.

4 → Copying the trial font(s)


The user may copy the trial font(s) to any number of storage media, but only for personal use. It is always absolutely necessary to attach a file with the full text of this license agreement, and the maker of the copy undertakes to adequately protect the trial font on storage media against unauthorized use by outsiders.


The user may not provide a copy of the trial font to a third party, even if the latter uses it for or on behalf of the user. A third party may receive a copy of the trial font from the user only if it is itself authorized to use the trial font and has demonstrably informed the user of this.


Importing the trial font into electronic documents is allowed only in secure mode (read only). The user of the license to use the trial font must ensure that the recipients of the electronic documents cannot extract the trial font from those documents or use the established font to adapt or to create new documents.

5 → Manipulation with the trial font(s)


The typeface in the embedded font file is protected by the copyright law.


The trial font may be converted and installed by the licensee in another format for use in other means only under the conditions defined in this agreement (in particular with regard to paragraph 5.4), and the trial font thus converted may not be further distributed.


The licensee is not authorized to modify or delete the trial font name or any other identifying information in the files contained in it.


The license user is not authorized to change the trial font in any way (except for the case specified in paragraph 5.2). Without the permission of the author, it is expressly forbidden to change the proportions or shape of the trial font, as well as individual glyphs, even for display use or use in a logotype, etc. The licensee may, however, change the spacing when using the trial font by a maximum of 25 points and change the width of the letters when using the trial font by a maximum of 5%. It is forbidden to tilt or skew the font in any other way.

6 → License restrictions for trial font(s)


Trial font fonts have intentionally modified selected glyphs and include the word ‘Trial’ in the font name(s).


The user may use trial fonts only for the purposes of internal (non-public) font testing. Materials created using trial fonts are for personal use only and may not be further distributed or published, not even within educational facilities (school work).


An exception to the previous paragraph is the non-public presentation of materials created with the use of trial fonts to a client or school work consultant, but always only to the extent necessary and to the extent appropriate to the nature of the process of font testing. It is not allowed to use trial fonts in final designs, and the use according to this paragraph must not lead to direct or indirect financial gain for the user.

7 → Warranty and liability


The author makes no warranty to the user representing the performance, result or marketability resulting from the use of the trial font.


The author shall not be liable to the licensee or any other third party for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business profit, business interruption, loss of business information, etc.) arising from the use or manipulation of the trial font.


In the event that the user violates this license agreement in a serious way and this violation results in not insignificant damage to the author, a claim for compensation and reimbursement of such damage may be asserted against the user.

8 → Expiration of the license


In the event that the user has violated any condition of this license agreement, the author has the right to immediately terminate the validity of the license. This does not affect the claim for damages arising from a breach of the license agreement.


In the event of termination of the license according to the previous paragraph, the user shall either return the trial font and all associated components (media, copies and associated parts) to the licensor without delay, or destroy (delete) them and thereby cease their further use.


The user cannot terminate the validity of the license except by agreement with the author. The user is not entitled to any financial compensation in the event of abandoning the use of the font, unless the parties agree otherwise.

9 → General provisions


This license agreement for the use of the font is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, the relevant legal regulations of the European Union and international agreements governing the area of ​​copyright. By installing and/or using the font, the user confirms that he has read and understood all the provisions of this license agreement and that he agrees to the obligations and conditions of this agreement.

license agreement version: 1.0
last updated: March 1, 2023