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The author’s guide to Liberec, written by jizerské *ticho, presents the most interesting things you will find in the city that is ‘awakening to its former glory’ and its surroundings. That is, if you share interests with Petr Vondřich, who stands behind the jizerské *ticho (and we admit that we do).

The motif of the cover consists of 104,445 dots, the number of city residents as of January 1, 2019. And because the motto of the jizerské *ticho blog is ‘sous les pavés, la plage’, the beach of the cover is also hidden behind a deliberately austere book sleeve.

Large-format photographs are complemented by illustrations by Matyáš Prošek and, in selected places in the book, also text excerpts from thematic works by famous personalities. For the typeface choice, we again reached for the fabulous Vesterbro by Black[Foundry], which we supplemented with Lieberec, a custom modification of our upcoming grotesque Struna.

The first edition was published with the kind financial support of Valbek company—and because it sold out faster than anyone expected, there was a successful campaign on HitHit to fund the reprint.

Photography: Eva Pacalová

And why Lieberec? Because Liebe is love in German. Because until 1945, 80% of Liberec population spoke German, and the unique character of the city still shows this. Because the Liebiegs, who raised Liberec to the heights with the same determination and vision as, for example, Baťa the city of Zlín. Because a lot of talented young people came here after the war, led by the author of Ještěd, Karel Hubáček, and only thanks to them did Reichenberg really become Liberec. Because Liberec is a love for life. That’s why Lieberec. —Petr Vondřich