• toman_kubelkova-fiber_2019

Zuzana Kubelková — Fiber

‘The native of Strakonice perceives glass as a material through which she tells her changing chemical romance over time and space. She creates dynamic glass, experiments, fuses it with other substances, analyzes and examines it as a doctor its patient—rationally but with empathy. She works with the glass as if she were interviewing it, without the tinsel and honorific phrases,’ says the accompanying text to the exhibition.

And in a similar way, we designed the poster and the invitation card. However, this does not mean that we did not take proper care of the materials, on the contrary! We left the main weight of the visual message on Gabriel Urbánek’s photos of glass objects, the carefully executed typographic layer (using our Kolektiv and Sudetype Sans typefaces) then overlays them ‘without honorific phrases’, but not causing their insensitive covering. The composition we use thus fully corresponds with the modus operandi of Zuzana Kubelková.